The Arcane Circle

ar‧cane [ahr-keyn] – adjective - known or understood by very few.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Clichés are life. And what clichés am I? Every day it is a new one I can write forever. One moment I am the smart nerd who is so quiet no one notices he is even there. The next I am chaos. Ever changing. A dynamic example of why it is a bad idea to underestimate people. Everyone is two face and has multiple personalities. Some are just more prominent then others. Tonight I went to a strip club for the fiirst time in I need music! in about three years. Strip clubs are a black hole for money that send you home beging for more pain. I need pussy but I will go jerk off instead. God this is raw. They must hear it.. Scared to take that step. I said said everyone is two faced. I did not preclude myself when i said that. I hope i never sleep and write till I am dead. I am more than you see. More than I let you see? I will let you know who I am the instant I deside who I am. I am afraid I am no one. Something that cannot feel or somthing that cannot stop changing. Maybe this is life and I am to scared to commit. No body is exactly who they seem. I love to let people underestimate me. There is something here. There is a purpose to this rant...The drink that brings me freedom lets me drown in uncertainty. Damm this freedom if i cannot keep it.

-The Arcane Circle


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