The Arcane Circle

ar‧cane [ahr-keyn] – adjective - known or understood by very few.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame." Oscar Wilde - The Picture Of Dorian Grey

I'v been repating that in my head all day long. It reminds me of work. These people hate it so much when I show them how stupid they are being. So I get fussed at and smile in there faces. *shrugs*

-The Arcane Circle.

I wonder what if i could have tried harder at something in my life? And how it would have worked out if I had.

No one read these things. I'm such a ghost.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Clichés are life. And what clichés am I? Every day it is a new one I can write forever. One moment I am the smart nerd who is so quiet no one notices he is even there. The next I am chaos. Ever changing. A dynamic example of why it is a bad idea to underestimate people. Everyone is two face and has multiple personalities. Some are just more prominent then others. Tonight I went to a strip club for the fiirst time in I need music! in about three years. Strip clubs are a black hole for money that send you home beging for more pain. I need pussy but I will go jerk off instead. God this is raw. They must hear it.. Scared to take that step. I said said everyone is two faced. I did not preclude myself when i said that. I hope i never sleep and write till I am dead. I am more than you see. More than I let you see? I will let you know who I am the instant I deside who I am. I am afraid I am no one. Something that cannot feel or somthing that cannot stop changing. Maybe this is life and I am to scared to commit. No body is exactly who they seem. I love to let people underestimate me. There is something here. There is a purpose to this rant...The drink that brings me freedom lets me drown in uncertainty. Damm this freedom if i cannot keep it.

-The Arcane Circle

Monday, October 02, 2006


it is grainy, my vision I mean. I know there is something there I just can tell what it is. I can feel it. I can here its pulse. It haunts me and follows close behind in my shadows. This thing gets so close to me that I can smell it. Then it vanishes but its there. Behind me somewhere. Or maybe in front of me. They say the best place to hide is right out in the open. I'm searching you see. What for? I don't know. It seems I don't know anything these days. But there is something missing. It is like trying to sit in the passenger seat of a car you have been driving for years. Everything still works the way it should, but something does not feel right. So you think you have changed somehow? I cant tell if I have changed or if this is just some I failed to see all these years. Maybe it has always been like this and I have just been to scared to admit it. Do you feel scared? Don't we all? How am I to tell if this is normal or not. Am I scared of this new thing and should I be worried about it if I am? Maybe we all are scared of it yet only I am the guy who cant figure out what it is?

- The Arcane Circle